RADA's Ground Debriefing Systems (GDS) provides the ground segment supporting mission debriefing and air-combat exercises. GDS simultaneous, synchronized recording and playback of numerous digital channels, carrying audio and video from multiple sources. The system supports specialty features such as simulation and analysis tools for mission debriefing, and military unit data management.

Utilizing COTS based PC technology GDS is designed for advanced squadron level post-flight debriefing. RADA is also offering a GDS version embedded in a laptop PC, supporting field deployable applications. The system combines the digital video, audio and Air Combat Maneuvering Instrumentation (ACMI) data recorded on Removable Memory Modules (RMM) retrieved from each airborne Digital Video Recorder (DVR) processing a computer generated display of all aircraft that participated in the exercise. All digital video, audio and ACMI data from all participants are automatically and continuously synchronized by the GDS.

As RADA's missions recorders automatically tap information directly from the aircraft avionics bus, its mission debriefing capability provides a high level of synchronization, timing and details exceeding those provided by external ACMI pods. Furthermore, as an integral part of the digital recording system, RADA's ACMI solutions offers an affordable, sophisticated debriefing solution fielded throughout the entire fleet, supporting all missions flown.