With over 1,500 units globally installed, RADA’s “EyeWitness” HUD Color Video Camera (HCVC) is an advanced, widely-used and highly affordable Military-off-the-Shelf (MOTS) family of products. This mature camera is designed to fit any Head-Up Display (HUD) which is currently operational in fighter aircraft cockpits.

The HCVC captures the image of the HUD symbology superimposed over the outside world view, as seen by the pilot during the mission. The color video signal produced by HCVC is recorded in-flight and used for post-flight ground debriefing. 
The “EyeWitness” HCVC is installed on the HUD mechanical frame: either between the pilot’s eyes and the HUD combiner, or beyond the HUD combiner. In the latter installation position, the HUD symbology is superimposed over the camera video by the aircraft Display Processor prior to recording.

“EyeWitness” cockpit cameras employ CCD technology to produce perfect images through high video quality, while their Field-of-View (FOV) is designed for capturing the whole HUD display. The HCVCs are highly reliable and are qualified to cockpit military environment.


  • High-resolution color image
  • Wide dynamic range
  • Synchronization to external sync.
  • Built-in Event Mark
  • Easily adaptable to existing HUDs
  • Standard NTSC or PAL video formats
  • Compact, lightweight and reliable