Mr. Gruber is a founder and manager of several real estate, and is involved in several Israeli hi-tech companies. Mr. Gruber is a Brig. General (Res.) of the IDF, deputy commander of an armored division. He is a member of the Israeli Board of Employment Service. Mr. Gruber also serves on the board of R. Riskin or Tora intuitions and the board of Har Etzyun yeshiva, board of Hertzog College, Association of Friends of Kefar Shaul Hospital. Mr. Gruber serves on the Ethics Committees of the Eitanim and Kefar Shaul Hospitals as well as a director of additional charitable organizations. He has B.Sc. degree in Microcomputers Engineering from Jerusalem College of Technology. In addition, Mr. Gruber is a graduate of a summer course in Business Administration at Harvard University, as well as several other courses and training in management, finance and entrepreneurship.